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Kohana Tutorial: Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of 3 part series of Kohana tutorial. First part of this tutorial can be found here as Kohana Tutorial: For the beginners. Same as before it is going to be 10+/- steps. [framed_box] This part is going to cover Template Controller in Kohana Kohana ORM (relation & validation) [/framed_box] Why [...]

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Democracy be upon us

Some of my findings about Libya. Reference added. [framed_box] Since 2000, Libya has recorded favourable growth rates with an estimated 10.6% growth of GDP in 2010. Mean wages were $9.51 per manhour in 2009 (amounts to a compensation of $1598 for 21 working days of 8 hours). Population below poverty line 7.6% (2006 est.) GDP [...]

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এখানে কিডনি পাওয়া যায়, সাথে ট্রানজিট ফ্রি

পত্রিকায় খবর, কিডনি বিক্রি করে দিয়েছে কতক গ্রামের দরিদ্র কিছু মানুষ | এটা পত্রিকায় প্রকাশের মত কোনো খবর হলো নাকি আবার? যেই গফুর খেতে ভাত পায় না তার আবার কিডনি নিয়ে জমিদারী!!! কিডনি একটা বেচে দিলে কি হবে? আরেকটা তো আছে... ট্রানজিট এর মানে গফুরের বুঝার কি দরকার? ট্রানজিট জিনিসটাও তো একই, তাই না? এত [...]

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Kohana Tutorial: For the beginners

Kohana is the framework I liked best among other PHP framework. Its an easy one also ;). To me it is organized, highly object oriented, having clear separation of model, view & controller.  Autoloading of classes is nice feature here also. Here is the tutorial I prepared. In a simple and short… It is going [...]

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Seam: Creating a custom converter

I was developing an application with Seam Framework. At a certain scenario for some reason I was needed to use [highlight type="special_text"]h:inputText[/highlight] to bind a bean. Later on I found that it was raising an validation error message saying, [highlight type="special_text"]Conversion Error setting value 'xxx' for 'null Converter'[/highlight]. [xml]<h:inputText value="#{lcInfo.itemIndentMastBean}" id="indentBean" required="true"/>[/xml] The reason for [...]

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