Understanding listener with real life example

Sakif Shahriar: button.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener) Sakif Shahriar: { Sakif Shahriar: //code Sakif Shahriar: } Sakif Shahriar: =)) Sakif Shahriar: what happened here? Sakif Shahriar: explain regarding OOP kowser: when button will be clicked kowser: it will notify to listener kowser: our listener will be able to listen Sakif Shahriar: button class got "setOnclick" method Sakif Shahriar: [...]

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Kohana Tutorial: Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of 3 part series of Kohana tutorial. First part of this tutorial can be found here as Kohana Tutorial: For the beginners. Same as before it is going to be 10+/- steps. [framed_box] This part is going to cover Template Controller in Kohana Kohana ORM (relation & validation) [/framed_box] Why [...]

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Kohana Tutorial: For the beginners

Kohana is the framework I liked best among other PHP framework. Its an easy one also ;). To me it is organized, highly object oriented, having clear separation of model, view & controller.  Autoloading of classes is nice feature here also. Here is the tutorial I prepared. In a simple and short… It is going [...]

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Seam: Creating a custom converter

I was developing an application with Seam Framework. At a certain scenario for some reason I was needed to use [highlight type="special_text"]h:inputText[/highlight] to bind a bean. Later on I found that it was raising an validation error message saying, [highlight type="special_text"]Conversion Error setting value 'xxx' for 'null Converter'[/highlight]. [xml]<h:inputText value="#{lcInfo.itemIndentMastBean}" id="indentBean" required="true"/>[/xml] The reason for [...]

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Write java code using bangla font

Well, I faced question regarding uses of bangla in java. So I thought I can try creating some code using bangla font. In the end this is what I got. Surely something similar was done before by someone else. But always its a fun to find out something interesting by yourself. [java title="com/kowsercse/বাংলা/ছাত্র.java"] package com.kowsercse.বাংলা; [...]

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